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Car Parking

Photo credit: Mike Taylor

Parking Information


The car parking area at Loe beach now uses an ANPR system which is operated by Parkingeye.

Charges apply at all times of year.


When you purchase your ticket, please enter your car registration and keep to the allotted time to avoid incurring a parking fine.

The ticket machine is located on the west side of the car park, after the first dinghy rack on the left.


The car park is not available for public use between the hours of 10pm and 6am.

This includes the slipway and access road which should be kept clear at all times, members of the public parking between these times will incur a fine.

For more information, or for queries about parking charge notices, please contact Parkingeye


Current Tariffs*:

1st April-30 September

1 hour-£1.50

2 hours-£2.50

4 hours-£4

8 hours-£6.50

All day-(6am-10pm)-£10

1st October-31st March

1 hour-£1.00

2 hours-£1.50

4 hours-£2.50

8 hours-£3.50

All day-(6am-10pm)-£6

The car park may at times be closed to the public due to boat transit. This is kept to a minimum and is essential for your safety. This is usually between the months of April and early June and September and October. 


*tariffs are subject to change-please check current tariffs and read signs carefully when paying for parking.

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